The Key To A Sharper Short Game

Many who play the game of golf spend the majority of their practice time working on their driver. They think that by improving their driver, and finding an extra ten yards, their scores will improve. This idea prevents them from achieving their goal of lowering scores.

How SCGA Champion Nathan Celusta Stays On His Game

Nathan Celusta, a native to Newbury Park, California, was 2015’s 116th SCGA Amateur Champion. He was the first non-collegiate amateur to take home the trophy, known as Big Bertha, since Kevin Marsh in 2008. Celusta joined up with Mike Metz of Swing Mechanix on the links to chat about how he keeps his game fresh, even after long periods of non-practice.

Greenside Pitch Shot - Dual Shot Method

I am a big believer in developing a dual technique method for greenside pitch shots. With the two techniques, a player has a tool bag of 6 different shots (using the 3 wedges they carry) for pitching the ball around the green. Once the dual method has been perfected the player simple needs to make a choice on the correct shot to be played.

How To Simplify Your Nutrition With These 6 Steps!

Anything built to last needs a strong foundation. Nutrition isn’t any different. However, the process can quickly be over complicated resulting in lack of motivation or flat out giving up. Simplify the process! Follow these 6 steps to build that strong nutritional foundation your body needs.

Putting: Expectation vs. Reality

One of the first barriers I break down when teaching putting is expectation versus reality. Using statistics and comparison from the PGA Tour players, I test my students on percentages of putts made from common distances.