Simplify Your Short Game Shots

It is true that you must practice a lot to have great touch around the greens, but there is actual simplicity to virtually all short game shots.

Short Game Practice

The obvious way to get better at your short game is to practice. I find, however, it is the WAY that short game is practiced that translates into success on the course.

The 2017 Challenge

Why do YOU play golf? There are probably as many different reasons someone might take up the game and continue to play as there are people playing. With that said how do we provide relevant information and instruction to the masses? Can the beginner or weekend warrior benefit from the same stuff as the fierce competitor? Well I believe we all have more things in common than you might think.

Charlie Day Has A Golf Secret...

We had the opportunity to grab a few minutes with Day as he was chipping a few balls in the studio. Golf professional Mike Metz sat down with him to discuss how Day balances career life and his golf game, as well as how he has quickly advanced in his short game as of late.

Break The Rules For Better Bunker Play

One thing I notice when coaching golfers is a fear of the greenside bunker shot. As soon as their ball gets in the bunker, there is immediate tension and anxiety about how to play the shot. While the bunker shot has unique elements, it is actually just a derivative of your full golf swing.

A Chipping Tip From Carl Smith

Good chipping can only come from a consistent set up and a crisp contact. Set yourself up with a narrow stance, your front foot flared toward the target. Shift your weight slightly to the left foot, so that your center moves on top of the ball. While swinging, it's important that the angle you create on your backswing be maintained throughout the downswing.