5 steps to a better short game.

Do you know how to use bounce?  The correct ball position?  How about the correct weight distribution?

With this video series you will learn all that and more.

15,000 +


80 Years


Fundamentals of action, the understanding of key cause and effect elements and the influence of different impact characteristics are just a few of the things that Swing Mechanix will help you implement into your game.

Improve your skills, learn proper technique and beat your friends.  With Swing Mechanix the game of golf becomes more than just a game and “Your game will never be the same.”

I’d like to share some feedback regarding your videos. Using your techniques in the videos I have taken 7 strokes off my game by chipping so much closer to the flag.  I went from a 53 to 46 for 9 holes ( par 36 ).

Gerard M.Australia

I credit you for my ability to have my lowest score to date at Ridgemark G and C C.  I am 78 yrs old and have been playing for just 2 yrs, but I can see sub 100’s in my future.  Thanks again for the informative vids!

HyUnited States

I’ve always thought of myself as a good player and never been a poor chipper.  But after watching these videos I had 24 putts because I hit the ball closer to the hole.  Can’t believe the change…thanks!

DarrenUnited States