Charlie Day Has A Golf Secret…

Interview with Mike Metz

Raised in Rhode Island, Charlie Day got his start by acting in the Williamstown Theatre Festival  in Massachusetts after graduating college. Preceding his big break of what is now the hit series It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Day appeared in several small film roles, with his first breakthrough film role was Horrible Bosses in 2011.

We had the opportunity to grab a few minutes with Day as he was chipping a few balls in the studio. Golf professional Mike Metz sat down with him to discuss how Day balances career life and his golf game, as well as how he has quickly advanced in his short game as of late.

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“That’s not how it happened…”

Metz: “First of all, congratulations on your twelfth season of It’s Always Sunny…”

Day: “Thank you Michael.”

Metz: “You’re welcome. A couple things actually we need to pay attention to; twelve seasons and a 3.7 index, correct?”

Day: “That’s correct!”

Metz: “So, that being said, you and I as golfers we can appreciate that it’s impossible to handle career, family, and get to a 3.7, agreed?”

Day: “Yeah, it ain’t easy.”

Metz: “So how do M.E. and Russell feel about being ignored probably most of the last few years to get you to a 3.7?” [teasing]

Day: “Nah, that’s not how it happened.” [shaking head]

Metz: “How’d it happen?”

Day: “It’s uuhh…boy it’s gonna seem like a…like a real plug but it’s all short game. The minute you learn how to chip and putt, you start to score better.”

Metz: “How long you been golfing?”

Day: “I really got seriously into it about ten years out here and we started playing together – taught me a lot. Um…so it’s about…it’s been about a ten year full court press of trying to learn how to play the game.”

Metz: “When you really got hooked what was something that you worked on to get better, something to help grow your game?”

Day: “I mean, you know, I worked a lot on the short game, and chipping and putting. I was always kind of good at hitting the ball and then getting it somewhere near the green, but not good at getting it in the hole…and that took a little while to learn.”

Goals and Links

Metz: “Were there any… you must have watched a lot of golf, so were there any pros that you tried to emulate their swing? Any aspects of their games that you try to apply to yours?”

Day: “Ehhh…no!” [laughing]

Metz: “Okay!” [laughing]

Day: “You know… no because it’s, it’s crazy I mean… you look at Tiger Woods or somebody and I’m just like, ‘I’m just not going to be able to do that with my body.’”

Metz: “Right.”

Day: “So I just try to learn how to get the club on plane and kind of square going through impact, and then try to learn how to chip the ball correctly, which that…” [points to SX3] “…was very helpful-”

Metz: “Well thank you, thank you.”

Day: “-and then learn how to putt.”

Metz: “How about goals? You setting any goals for yourself when you’re practicing or goals when you’re playing?”

Day: “Well when I’m playing I usually just have the goal of trying to shoot somewhere in the 70’s… recently now I have the goal of trying to shoot even par so, you know, each time just- I mean when we first started it was trying to break 90, then break 80, now it’s trying to be low 70’s.”

Metz: “Oh, that’s good for you dude. You’ve played a lot of golf, lot of great courses, what would you say is the best course you’ve played and what’s one that you haven’t that you look forward to playing the most?”

Day: “The best course was probably Royal Portrush in Ireland, which was incredible. Um..uh what was the second part of your question?” [smiling]

Metz: “What was…what is a course that you’re gonna…” [lost train of thought – sticking out tongue and making spitting noise]

Day: “Try not to fart when you ask the questions.” [teasing]

Metz: “You sure?” [smiling] “Okay.” [laughing]

Day: “That’s uh…” [laughing] “…interviewing 101.”

Metz: [laughing] “So what’s a course you haven’t played – Sorry.” [composing himself] “What’s a course you haven’t played yet, that you look forward to playing the most?”

Day: “Well I mean I really hope I can get up to play Pebble and Cyprus, you know, out here in California, but uh…yea I think now I’ve gotten my game to the point where I feel comfortable maybe playing one of those Pro-Ams or going to play Pebble or something like that. I didn’t wanna go out there and hack it up and shoot 110.”

• Watch the full interview here •

Acting, Golf, and Bucket Lists

Metz: “Acting and golf, any similarities? Preparation, mental acuity, anything like that?”

Day:Golf’s definitely a good sport for learning to be patient and let things happen. It does seem to overlap into just sort of life in general, which is the more sort of, that you can get out of your own way, and be patient with what you do, you can be more relaxed and be better at what you do.”

Metz: “You feel any pressure in front of the cameras, is it any different like on the first tee, in front of the cameras… you feel any anxiety?”

Day:You know what, no! It’s just excitement, and then if you’ve learned to say on that first tee, ‘Oh I’m excited I love to play golf’ or, you know, in front of the cameras and say, ‘Oh I’m excited I like to be an actor’ or whatever, it’s the same thing.”

Metz: “What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you on the golf course?”

Day:There’s a lot of funny things that happen on the golf course but just an example of how difficult the game could be, I said one of my favorite places I’ve played was Royal Portrush in Ireland. I had a great day- you would lose some balls ‘cause the rough was so thick and then you would take a lateral drop, eh you know I think I shot pretty well. The next day we went out with a caddy… and the problem was he would find the ball…” [smirking]

Metz: [laughing]

Day:…and finding the ball – sometimes you don’t wanna find the ball in the game of golf – and he’d be like, ‘Oh thar it is lad it’s just wey down thar.’” [Irish accent] “And then about 18 hacks later you’d be out of that rough. So that’s just a…that’s not hilarious but…”

Metz: “It’s close enough.”

Day:Yeah. It’s an antidote…” [smiling]

Metz: [laughing] What advice would you give to new golfers just getting into the game, if any? Besides ‘get out’?”

Day: [laughing] “I mean, I would say take some lessons and work on your game! It’s kind of crazy to me that more people don’t do that. I have friends who are halfway decent golfers who could be a lot better if they applied themselves to sort of learning how to play the game, a couple fundamentals… and uh I’m glad they don’t do that, ‘cause then I can beat them.”

Metz: [laughing] “Bucket list for Charlie Day golf…?”

Day:Uhh…Augusta. I’d like to get out on Augusta. I kinda screwed that up I actually got invited to play Augusta when I was filming the vacation movie in Atlanta, and I got a phone call when I had just landed back in Los Angeles and I said, ‘I’m not here anymore.’ And I guess they would have preferred I got back on the plane and went back and played ‘cause I have not heard from them since.”

Metz: [laughing] “Oh!”

Day:Yeah, so I missed that one. Umm other than that…be a scratch golfer.”

Metz: [nodding] Yeah I think it’s tougher than playing Augusta buddy.”

Day:Yeah that’s probably a lot harder. And then I got a son so ideally maybe he gets into the game and we do some father son trips down the road.”

Metz: “Yeah, nice, that’d be fun.”

Day: [nodding] “That’d be cool.”

“I was sort of haunted by chipping…”

Metz: “Hey bud, can you just give me your honest opinion about my training aid?”

Day: “I can give you my honest opinion and uhmm… for the record I’m doing this for free-”

Metz: [laughing]

Day: “-‘cause you know, which is one of the dumber things I’ve ever done in my life… but uhh… because I like you so much and I like that gadget so much,” [points at SX3] “and it’s, it’s really the best thing that I’ve seen… and I struggle with chipping! I was sort of haunted by chipping and would blade the ball constantly or hit it fat, and that was the best thing that I have experienced for getting the feel of how the club face should be going through the ball, and then you’re using the balance of the club more often… And it’s funny ‘cause it seems so simple that I’m like, ‘Why didn’t I think of it?’”

Metz: [smiling] “Right.”

Day: “You know? It’s because I don’t make golf gadgets…”

Metz: [laughing]

Day: “But I really think that it helped my chipping dramatically.”

Metz: “Oh that’s kind, that’s kind thank you, man. Thanks bud,” [shaking hands]

Day: “Mike.” [shaking hands]

Metz: “…thanks for coming out, thanks for spending time here I appreciate it, as I always do.”

Day: “Alright, thanks for having me, and good luck with this. Let’s go play some golf.”

Metz: “Let’s go do it.”

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